The Benefits Of A Potting Shed For The True Gardener

Potting Shed Plans

If you are someone who really enjoys spending time in the garden, then you truly appreciate the need for a potting shed can be required to meet your gardening needs. So much goes into gardening. There are a variety of garden tools one uses, all of which need a special home rather taking up more and more space in the garage.

You may also need a place to store bulbs, transplant your plants, keep extra pots and soil, and even for new seedlings to sprout. A potting shed is the best way to house all of these activities and store everything you need.

Not only are potting sheds great for storing your gardening needs as well as for during some gardening work in it, but they are also a nice place when you need a break from your outside life.

It can be one’s “fortress of solitude”, where you forget all your cares and troubles for a while and without interruptions from the telephone or doorbell, or even kids running through the house.

One of the great things about a potting shed is that they can serve multiple purposes. Some potting sheds are constructed with a greenhouse portion to it, which is perfect if you want to sprout small seeds. There are others that are specifically designed to resemble a small cottage.

You can pretty much use any type of shed as a potting shed. Your typical shed that you use to store lawn mowers, edgers, bikes, pool toys, pool equipment, and outdoor games can serve as your potting shed, provided that it has enough room to serve this purpose.

You may have to make some modifications to this type of shed, but if you have enough imagination and are organized, it can work quite well as a potting shed.

This may end up being the perfect solution for you if you cannot build a separate potting shed, but you have a preexisting outdoor shed. Take a look around the inside of that shed to determine if you can reorganize what is already inside and if there is anything that you no longer need that is taking up space.

Open up as much space as possible and then put in a potting bench in that new found space. Try to use the side of the shed that has a window, if applicable. You may even be able to put up a shelf or two for extra storage for your gardening tools and/or supplies.

The ideal situation, of course, is having your own separate potting shed, where the entire space is yours to do with it what you wish without having to accommodate for anyone else’s stuff. This will allow you much more room for all of your gardening tools and supplies, with room to grow. You still want to keep your potting shed organized, however. As such, it may be wise to purchase some bins in which you can keep your extra soil or mulch, and maybe even bulbs in anticipation of planting.

A good potting shed should always have one or more areas where ample light can come in so that your seeds have a better start and your plants have a better environment in which to grow. If your potting shed gets enough sunlight, then you can start growing some of your plants at any time of year you wish since they will be protected from the harsher weather outdoors.

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