Osteoarthritis Treatment

2 min readMay 8, 2021

What is the best treatment for osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis Treatment

What is the treatment for osteoarthritis?

There are many types of treatment for osteoarthritis available. These treatments are divided into two therapies such as non-surgical and surgical.

Non-surgical therapies

Non-surgical therapies include nutritional supplementation, exercises, weight loss, physical therapy, occupational therapy and self-management.

Nutritional supplements: These supplements include glucosamine and hyaluronic acid that are the building blocks of cartilage. This type of treatment is very effective to treat the disease.

Exercises: People, who are suffered with osteoarthritis, should do aerobic exercise regularly. It can help to increase the function and reduce the severe pain.

Weight loss: It may reduce the pain, improve surgical outcome and enhance rehabilitation. Weight loss can not reduce the damage to a joint, but it is very effective to reduce the symptoms of the disease.

Physical therapy: It is very useful for protecting the joint, muscle strength and increasing the quantity of function that a joint has done. This therapy is used when patients want to delay surgical intervention.

Occupational therapy: This therapy is very effective to treat the disease. It is recommending devices such as bathroom equipment and canes to maintain independence. It is helpful to provide direction in performing daily living activities.

Self-management: People with osteoarthritis, are got information about disease. Patients should contact with a health care providers in case of severe pain. Self-management is very beneficial in dealing with osteoarthritis.

Surgical therapy:

Osteotomy: It is an expensive treatment and in an osteotomy, a part of the bone will be removed by the surgeon to realign the joint.

Arthroscopy: In this treatment, a small incision will be made by the surgeon in the skin and then a small tube places through and examines a joint. And then a procedure is performed b bone or scraping cartilage and repairing ligaments.

Arthroplasty: In this procedure, a part of the bone is removed by the doctor and replaces a joint with a man-made joint. These man-made joints can last many years. Surgical therapy includes joint replacement therapy, arthroscopy and osteotomy.


  • Patients should change the lifestyle.
  • Patient should do regular exercise such as strengthening; aerobic, etc. it may help to strengthen the muscles.
  • Avoid high-impact sports.
  • Patients must take calcium and vitamin D in diet for strong bones.
  • Warm wax and hot soaks are beneficial for reduce pain.
  • Patients should take information about the disease and in case of severe pain; he/she consults the health care providers immediately.

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