Increase Vertical Jump Program Exercises and Tips

How To Increase Vertical Jump?

You can find a number of keep-fit exercise programs that can help to enhance your vertical jump. This article will talk about a fiery though easy 5 minute exercise to advance your vertical jump and provide tips on choosing a vertical jump program.

Knee Raises — A Simple Workout

The usual abdominal workout of performing knee raises in the proper manner requires the use of an overheard bar. The exercise of knee raises is not advisable for the faint hearted people, yet, these are one of the important and needed abdominal exercises and they demand a great deal of workout.

You have to keep your arms shoulder width apart and need to take a solid hold on the overhead bar. While hanging from the overhead bar your arms should be fully extended with your knees bent at the knee. You need to raise your knees as high as possible towards your chest from the initial position.

Along with this, you also have to squeeze your stomach muscles. You are supposed to hold your knees in this position for about a few seconds before you lower your legs towards the floor. These knee raises should be repeated as per your caliber. You should not continue if you are not able to take your knees above your waist any longer.

It is essential that performing these knee raises you should let your abs to do all the required work. With no jerks or swing movements, you should keep your body still.

You will be able to do straight legged knee raises only once you advance in this vertical jump exercise program. The resistance of the knee can be developed by wearing ankle weights or heavy shoes while doing knee raise workouts.

Do you need a Vertical Jump Program?

If you really want to increase your vertical jump, finding out the correct program is essential and you need to make sure that it meets your needs. Customization of the program as per your personality, your athletic needs and requirements and the conditions will make up the workable and the best workout program for you. Some may focus on weaknesses while others may give importance to the repetitious exercises in their workout programs.

A program that’s focused purely on your needs and is tailored as per your specifications will be the most suitable program for you as it will also enable you to have a record maintained of your weight, your height, your health, your fitness level and ultimately, and more importantly, your jump goal.

These kinds of programs also offer various stages of training sessions. The best vertical jump program will enhance your jump strength using both weight training and plyometrics. There are many requirement for choosing the best workout program but in general it should not include:

  1. Information which is not current and received from a person new to this industry.
  2. Don’t do the same workout that you have been doing since the age of 10
  3. Tiresome repeats and reps of the usual vertical jump exercise.
  4. Overtraining. Do not perform vertical jumps everyday.
  5. Squat overtraining.

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