How to Train your Puppy to Come? Training Your Puppy to Come

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Teach Your Puppy to Come When Called. How To Train Your Dog To Come When Called?

How to Train your Puppy to Come?
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As a dog owner training your puppy to come when called is a crucial or basic lesson. This training is also referred to as recall and is important because a puppy who swiftly and consistently responds when called can enjoy lots of freedoms. She can freely run, sniff and play in parks without a leash and still be safe.

Keep in mind that even if you didn’t intend to have your dog off leash, leashes do slip, collars break or sometimes you can unknowingly leave your doors or gate open. In any of these eventualities, having a good recall can do much to minimize the risks against your dog.

Basics to Observe when Training your Puppy to Come

• No matter the puppy’s age the first thing you need to do is create it in her mind that the best thing she can ever do is to respond and come to you when called. Whenever she passes these initial tests, always do things to send a clear message that you really appreciate that level of obedience. You can do this through smiles, affection, praise, treats or play.

• Make a habit of calling her while running away from her. Dogs are naturally inclined to chase after a running person.

• When training or taking her on an off leash walk, avoid much talk or chatter. A lengthy moment of silence will ensure that she pays attention to your voice anytime you break the silence.

• As soon as she starts running towards you, make voices that will show how much you appreciate her efforts. Secondly, these voices [‘Hey’ or ‘Uh_uh’] will keep her focused and secured from the little distractions that quickly get a dog’s attention.

• When taking your dog through recall training, make sure you bring along some unique treats. Buy her delicious bites that she rarely eats i.e. cheese, chicken breast, sausage bits or cooked chicken liver.

• Take your puppy through the training in a systematic baby step fashion. Don’t rush and expect her to respond outdoors as fast she did when you called her from your kitchen. If she did well to come in the kitchen you can now take the training to the upstairs hallway, to the backyard and so forth. You’ll only expect her to obey a recall in a dog park or while chasing a mole in the backyard if she has taken a thorough training under other distracting environments.

• Make sure she knows her name well. All dogs will learn their name only when it used on them under attractive circumstances in a repetitive manner. When relaxed at home, for example, Call out her name clearly and then toss her something like a toy. You can also give her a treat and play with her. Do this ten to twenty times at well spaced intervals. It works best to say her name when she’s looking away.

The Dont’s

  • Don’t call your puppy over to something she dislikes like bathing, scolding or clipping her nails. In case you want to do something unpleasant, always go to where she is. It should be etched in her mind that whenever you call her it is for something exciting.
    • Avoid making an excessive repetition of your call cue. For example if you say the word ‘come’ 10 times without her response, then just stop it. Persisting under such circumstances only teaches your dog to ignore you.
    • Have a good sense of timing and make sure you only call her when you are sure to get her attention. If she’s playing or engrossed in some other emotional activity, chances that she will ignore your calls are almost assured. So avoid calling her at such moments.

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