How To Train Your Dog With Positive Reinforcement?

Positive Reinforcement Behavioral Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement Behavioral Dog Training. What Is Positive Reinforcement In Dog Training?
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What is Positive Reinforcement Behavioral Training? In a nutshell it is reward the good, ignore the bad.

Lets be honest dogs love food, especially particularly tasty treats. It is their favorite thing, honestly check out the Dog Diary vs Cat Diary. This is the funniest thing you will read today, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Our little friends will do anything for a doggy treat. Just some grub is all it takes and that’s great for dog owners when it comes to teaching the little friends the ways of the world. When it comes to dog training there is only one concept you need to remember and after this all else falls into place. this concept is Positive Reinforcement Behavioral Training.

It is referred to by a few different ways but I think the true way to refer to it is ‘positive reinforcement behavioral training’. This is a fancy way to phrase when the dog is good we reward him for it and through repetitive action the dog eventually learns to perform tasks.

The idea is that we start off when the dog is young and we slowly start to teach the dog little things like sitting and lying down, coming on command etc and doing it through Positive Reinforcement Behavioral Training?

Putting It Into Action

We will take the simplest task as an example of how we should train our dog. The command to sit.

Call you dog’s attention and with some small treats within reach, but out of sight and as best you can out of smell of the dog’s reach, and command the dog to sit. The command should be given in a clear neutral voice.

Not sternly but also not too playfully either, just neutral. keep on asking the dog to do this until he does then treat him then also offer cuddles and a little pat. Literally repeat this until its no effort at all.

Pretty soon the dog will sit and perform many other commands quite quickly. They learn the game very quickly….Do a trick, get a treat! You have the most eager student…we should try this with kids in school.

It is important at this stage to then ween the dog off getting a treat. Tip the balance toward cuddles and love more than treats. Even the love and cuddles as a reward for doing something can be reduced eventually. Obviously not completely as we need to show the little one lots of love.

you can then move onto the next trick or command and progression usually speeds up exponentially.

Why don’t you try out Basics Training and apply our Positive Reinforcement Behavioral Training advice. You and your dog will be doing back flips in no time.

Benefits Of Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Dog’s are so loyal that they stop doing the bad habits and focus on the good ones that you rewarded they for. But dog’s also know, like infant babies, how to get attention and how to get it quickly.

If you ignore your dog or your dog gets stressed in some way and wants to show you then he will….be warned. Ever wonder why the dog chews things he shouldn’t when you right in front of him.

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