How To Teach Your Dog To Lay Down? How To Teach Your Puppy To Lie Down?

How Do You Teach A Stubborn Dog To Lay Down?

How To Teach A Dog To Lay Down?
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If you move slowly and give lots of praise, your dog will not struggle when you make him lie down. Hold the leash in both hands. Let the center of the leash rest on the floor. Step over the leash with your right foot so it will slide in front of your heel, and tell your dog “Stay!”

Now that you are ready, quietly say “Lie Down!” Then keep repeating “Good Boy! Good Boy!” while you pull slowly on the leash.

If you are training a small dog, reach with your right hand and press gently on the shoulders. While you push him to the floor, scratch his back and give praise.

If your dog braces himself, don’t force him! Stay just as you are and wait for him to relax. When he does, pull up slowly on the leash with continuous praise.

If your small dog gets excited, stand on the leash, and use both hands to draw his front paws gently toward you. While you do it, give praise. After your dog goes down, tell him “Good Boy!” and scratch his ear.

When you teach your dog to lie down at your side, use your left hand to pull down on the leash. If he lifts his head or tries to nip, turn your face away and hold tight. When you hold, keep whispering “Good Boy! Good Boy!” so he will relax.

Small dogs feel more secure when you use BOTH hands to make them lie down. Pull down on the leash with the left hand and press on the dog’s shoulders with your right hand. If you give continuous praise, your dog should go down without trouble.

When your dog will lie down on command, teach him to obey a signal. Tell him “Stay!” Face him. Hold your right hand in a salute with fingers pointing up. Then tell him “Lie Down!” After you give the command, slide the leash under your right foot by pulling up with the left hand. Keep your right hand raised until your dog goes down.

Practice making your dog lie down in strange places. Make him lie down when he is excited. He probably will not stay but keep at him until he does. If he gets up without permission, put him down quickly and tell him “Stay!” with more authority. When he has stayed down for one or two minutes, release him. Praise him and give him a big pat.

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