How To Stop A Dog From Jumping? Train Dog Not To Jump

Train Dog Not To Jump

How To Stop A Dog From Jumping
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Nobody likes a rude dog. Do you find your dog jumping on people who come to visit to be a humiliating experience?

Would you like to put a stop to this bad habit and train your dog not to jump on people?

If so, the discussion below will save you future grief and hopefully keep you from losing friends because of Fido’s “faux paws.”

If your dog loves visitors as much as ours does, you too must be constantly asking yourself how to go about solving this behavior flaw. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a mixed blessing. Jumping on people — friends and strangers — is a sign of our pet’s exuberance and love for humans, which is a good thing.

But it’s also just plain rude — and nobody likes a rude dog.

No matter how well intentioned your pet may be, your guests should not have to be subjected to an assault on their person(s) every time they want to see you in your own home. This is especially so when it is a guest who does not share your enthusiasm for those of the canine persuasion — and believe it or not, there actually are people out there who are not fond of dogs.

So, what can you do to stop your dog jumping on people?

First, a brief explanation as to why dogs jump on people in the first place

Train Dog Not To Jump
Train Dog Not To Jump

No doubt, if you have spent even a short period of time with your own beloved pup, you have discovered on your own just how much dogs crave attention and love from their humans. They keep it no secret.

They don’t know the meaning of subtle.

Dogs are completely “in your face” when it comes to expressing their adoration for you — wet tongue and all. But they don’t reserve this honor exclusively for you — their master and meal ticket. No. It is a gift they may bestow upon any two-footed creature who happens to enter their world (i.e., your front door).

So, attention is the key. And how do you make sure Fido has the attention he needs to prevent him from ambushing every visitor who crosses your threshold?

Painful as it may sound, your first step to curbing his enthusiasm is to show him absolutely no attention when you first walk in the door. If he jumps on you, turn your back on him immediately and make no eye contact with him.

How To Stop A Dog From Jumping?
How To Stop A Dog From Jumping?

Another Technique To Stop A Dog From Jumping: When your dog jumps up, grab his paws and hold them tightly. Don’t squeeze them so you hurt the animal, but don’t let go when he tries to pull away, either. This will let your dog know you are the alpha partner in your relationship. Do this a few times and he will get the point!

Once the dog has all four paws on the ground and is calm, you may then kneel down and greet him with a calm pat or a hug on his own level, but at your bidding. He will soon come to expect such a greeting.

Dogs are creatures of habit, after all. He’ll soon realize that if he wants your attention, he must give you a proper greeting. Your friends and other guests will soon start coming back, knowing they will not be toppled like ten pins the minute they enter your home.

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