How to Grow Taller During Puberty?

Puberty is a vital time to grow taller, and it mostly depends on your genes. During this period of our lives it is essential to do perform certain routines in order to achieve better growth. This is the time when our bones have a cartilage growth plate, and that is the reason we experience growth spurts.

Exercising and practicing sports

In case you want to improve your height, exercising on a daily bases can be very beneficial. Exercising stimulates growth hormones, which is being produced during puberty, and this results in growing taller. It cannot lead to longer bones, but it tones the muscles, which will overall make you appear taller.

Exercising should not consist of weight lifting, because this will not help you grow taller during puberty — on the contrary, it will stunt your growth, since you will be growing wide, and not tall.

Light weights are permitted and cannot do any harm.

Practicing sports will lead to better production of the growth hormone also. He best sports to practice in order to grow taller are swimming, basketball, or running.

Swimming is particularly beneficial, since, apart from making your body produce more growth hormone, it also improves your posture. Basketball and running cause micro-fractures on your shins and after these heal, they are stronger and therefore can improve your growth.


Eating right is very important during this period of our life, because the body is still forming. We must provide out body with food which contains sufficient protein content. The addition of protein to your diet will cause higher levels of growth hormone. Calcium and calories are also essential when it comes to growing taller.

Muscles need certain amino acids for growing. Protein gives our body the needed amino acids and improves muscle growth. Calories are important so that our body can obtain sufficient energy. When it comes to calcium, it is important for the bones — it makes them stronger, and the stronger the bones are, the better.


Enough sleep will lead to growth hormone production, so it is essential that you get enough sleep, and give your body a good basis for growing taller.

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When Do Girls Stop Growing Taller?

Puberty is a period of your life when you may grow 2 to 8 inches or more. All the children grow continuously, girls usually stop growing taller about two years after they get their period (start to menstruate). This is the moment when a girl will go through a rapid growth spurt, where she will increase in height at twice the rate she once grew. For an average girl, the puberty starts at around age of 12 (it starts around six months before your first period).The final height is reached after two years.

Girls grow faster than the boys, until the period of teenage years, when the boys start growing faster. Around the age of 13, the body of a girl starts to look and function like a body of a woman.

Most girls will stop growing taller at the abovementioned age. However, this cannot be generalized since some of them will continue to grow up to age of 18, with a certain number still growing after this age. This is very individual.

Also, this depends on the genetics and nutrition. Girls reaching puberty later will have a longer phase of growing. In case you reach puberty early, you will stop growing faster than the person who reached puberty in their older age.

The important factors are: the time of the first period, height of both parents and proper diet. A proper nutrition will lead to stronger bones and body, and allow necessary nutrients enter.

Some studies indicate that thinner girls reach puberty later, and may have a longer growth period. The reality is that there is not much to do about this topic. Genetics will play the main role in relation to your growth, and that is a factor that cannot be changed.

Teens continue to grow, although quite slower, years after the puberty period.

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What Are Ways To Get Taller?

Human height is the distance between the top of the head of a standing person to the bottom of the feet. It usually depends on one’s genes but there are lots of things that a person can do to increase it.

On the top of the advices what to do to become taller comes:


Practicing is most important thing as much as for overall health so as for getting taller. Some sports can make you tall — we all know what the average height of basketball players are. Therefore, basketball is considered to be one of the most efficient sports when it comes to growing up. Alongside basketball comes volleyball. As u can notice, those two are based on jumping and reaching for something above your head. That is how you make your muscles longer and if you are in puberty that is what will make also your bones longer. Then, as an important thing we must mention stretches. What is important considering stretches is that they make your muscles longer, help them relieve better after physical effort, help you get rid of pain and eventually, at some point — grow taller.

Another thing that must not be omitted is:

Proper diet

When we say diet we do not think about restricted way of nutrition — simply, it is far enough to eat healthy food, stay away from junk and fast food, eat fresh vegetables and fruits and take lots of calcium and amino acids. Calcium itself will help you restore your bones while amino acids are the one who are responsible for muscle built — they restore muscle fiber after a huge physical effort in sports.

We also must not forget to:

Mention sleep

Proper sleeps gives you benefits you could only imagine. While sleeping the hormone of growth is being produced. It means that if your sleep is interrupted or not on time the producing of this hormone also gets interrupted. And, sleep on time! Some scientists say that if you get to sleep before midnight the hormones will be better balanced, your overall health will be better and as a final result — your hormone of growth will be properly produced.

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I strongly believe in gaining experience and knowledge rather than just writing for the sake of creating content. Looking for more opportunities.

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I strongly believe in gaining experience and knowledge rather than just writing for the sake of creating content. Looking for more opportunities.

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