General Arthritis Exercise

Best Exercises for Arthritis

Arthritis Exercise

Exercises play a very important role in the arthritis patient’s life. It helps the people in various ways. It reduces stiffness and joint pain, increases muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.

Exercises also help the person to reduce the weight also. It is one part of the arthritis treatment. This treatment includes medication, proper diet, ways to conserve energy, rest and relaxation and instructions about the proper use of joints.

The person should discuss with the doctor about the type of exercises one had to perform. The doctor will recommend the person having arthritis to do some easy exercises first and then one can switch over to some low-impact aerobics and some range-of-motion exercises.

The doctor can also suggest the patient to contact to the physical therapist that can design an appropriate exercise program and tell the patients about the joint protection, pain relief methods, conserving energy and proper body mechanics. So, exercises should be performed:-

  • When one is not tired
  • At a specific time and place
  • When arthritis medication is most effective
  • When one is having less pain and stiffness
  • Range of motion exercises should be performed daily
  • The patient having arthritis is advised not to do strenuous exercises after the meal and before going to the bed

Before exercising , the arthritis patient should massage the sore areas and the stiff or can apply hot or cold treatments to the affected area. There are three types of exercises which a person can perform to treat the general arthritis and they are –

  • Strengthening exercises — These exercises help the patients increase their muscle strength and protect and support the joints which are affected by the general arthritis. These should be done daily and should not be performed when there is severe pain and swelling in the joints.
  • Range of motion exercises — These exercises maintain the flexibility of the joints and relieve stiffness. These exercises can be performed daily and every other day.
  • Aerobic or endurance exercises — These exercises improve overall function, cardiovascular fitness and help in reducing extra weight and also reduce inflammation in the joints. These can be performed for 20 to 30 minutes three times a week.

During exercise , one should be comfortable and time should be given to the muscles to relax between each repetition of exercises. Swollen and painful joints should be moved gently.

After exercising, the patient should relax for about 5 to 10 minutes and should walk slowly. These exercises will help the patient to relieve pain from the joints.

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