Best Strategy to Get Your Ex Back — How to Get An Ex Back?

How to Get An Ex Back?

Getting Your Ex Back & The Magic of Making Up.

  • 1 The Ignore Method: You might think it’s a bit strange to advise that you ignore your ex as a way to get them back; however, you’d be surprised to see how many couples this has actually worked for. If the break-up is fresh, don’t be so quick to pick up the phone, send a text message, or try to reach out to them. Simply ignore them, find some other way to pass your time and give them space. If what they had with you is real, chances are they will break down and call you!
  • 2 Change Your Appearance: When you’ve been in a relationship for a while the things that your ex might have fallen in love with have fallen by the wayside. So go out, get yourself a haircut, buy a new outfit, and go out for a good time. Try to go somewhere where you know your ex will be hanging or some mutual friends that will spread the word. The moment they find out you’re looking your best, they will come knocking down your door.
  • 3 Ask Them Out on a Casual Outing: Ask your date to go out with you as friends. Make sure that it is not necessarily a date but just a casual outing like miniature golfing, bowling, or a nice drink at a local pub. Keep the conversation casual, do not discuss the relationship, and just have fun. Your ex will remember the good times you’ve had together and this outing could turn into future dates.
  • 4 Let Go of the Past: If you’re really interested in getting your ex back it is going to be important that you let the past be the past. If you still feel the need to harp on the past than chances are you’re not ready to get back with your ex. If your ex can see that you’ve matured and moved past it, they might be willing to do the same.
  • 5 Pour Your Heart Out: If all else fails after some time has passed you should reach out to your ex and let them know how you feel. It could just be that your ex feels as if you don’t care and have moved on with your life. Writing a letter, sending an email message, talking in person, or making a phone call are all ways to express your love for your ex. Chances are they may feel the same way.



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